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Australian Skills Quality Authority

The stakeholder survey is part of ASQA’s ongoing commitment within its service charter to seek views on how it regulates registered training organisations (RTOs). The results are used to measure customer satisfaction as part of ASQA’s operational and strategic plans. Organisations interacting with ASQA for a range of reasons and in a range of ways are asked for feedback about these interactions and channels of communications, as well as how well ASQA meets its stated objectives.

The initial survey involved industry stakeholders only, while the second survey involved this group and all 4,000 RTOs. Generating questions for both surveys involved considerable discussion with ASQA project staff and its senior executives about the topics and questions to be covered, pilot testing of the resulting questionnaires. Statistical Clearing House approval was obtained prior to survey commencement in each round. The surveys were conducted totally online using ASR’s propriety web surveying software called SurveyManager.

The RTO survey was effectively a census but participation was voluntary. The survey generated an extremely high response rate for this type of survey and extremely quickly playing pokeis games free online pokies.

ASQA executives were presented the results during a regular management meeting.

The results helped identify and/or confirm areas in which ASQA could interact better with its constituents and also what was working well in terms of objectives and interactions.

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