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Australian Veterans’ Affairs Hospital patient survey


Australian Veterans’ Affairs Hospital patient survey

ASR and Paperhouse data management (PDM) are conducting a patient satisfaction survey among the 50,000 veterans that are admitted to hospitals and mental health care centres around Australia. Patient Satisfaction is a component of DVA’s Pay for Performance (P4P) initiative with DVA’s contracted private hospitals, the purpose of which was and remains to provide incentives to those hospitals which provide quality care to their veteran patients.

The Patient Satisfaction Survey questionnaire provides a self report of the veteran’s satisfaction and experience of their hospital care and was introduced into hospitals in January 2009 as an ongoing survey.

All veteran patients who have an overnight admission of one or more nights are provided with a DVA Patient Satisfaction questionnaire on discharge to be completed within two weeks of their discharge and returned to the contractor.

This project also involves paper with a web option for survey administration. ASR is also involved in the questionnaire redesign, data analysis and reporting. PDM has to coordinate survey distribution with over 230 hospitals, handle reply paid return mail and form scanning and data entry. The project will soon expand to monitoring patient experience in rehabilitation facilities.

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