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Kingston City Council - Waves Leisure Centre market research

Waves Leisure Centre

Kingston City Council – Waves Leisure Centre market research

ASR was commissioned by Kingston City Council (KCC, Melbourne) to conduct a survey of the general KCC population to gain an understanding of their use of gym/fitness centres and what they considered the attracting features of these centres. The research was used to inform marketing and communications planning of the Waves Leisure Centre and the specific objectives of the research was to help gain an understanding of:

What attracts current gym/fitness centre members to a particular centre including existing customers of the Waves Leisure Centre.

What interest past users of any gym or fitness centre would be in rejoining;

The importance of location, classes offered, pool facilities, catering to disabilities relating to above etc

Research was conducted via a 5 minute web survey accessing participants from online panel provider Empowered Communications. ASR designed and hosted the online survey using Survey Manager (ASR’s own in-house survey development and management tool). Participants included residents within the Kingston city postcode area including residents living within a 5 km radius of those postcodes – the perceived catchment of the Waves Leisure Centre. 419 completed surveys were achieved. ASR provided full analysis and an (accessibly) written report to KCC.

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