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Mosman Council - Balmoral Beach resident parking scheme research


Mosman Council – Balmoral Beach resident parking scheme research

In February 2010, Mosman Council commissioned Australian Survey Research (ASR) to conduct a survey of residents in the Balmoral Beach locality. The survey focused on the resident parking scheme (RPS) that applies to a number of streets near Balmoral Beach.

Council provided ASR with an electronic file of rate payers’ names and addresses in designated streets. The file was provided in confidence and with an understanding that the names and contact information was to be used for the purposes of this study only. Council provided a total of 1,058 unique records and 708 of these were within the RPS (called Ins) and 350 not within the RPS but lived in close proximity (called Outs).

All people in the survey were sent a letter contained a residence’s unique hyperlink to a web survey. ASR hosted the web survey questionnaire using its proprietary web surveying software. The questionnaire was located on a server within a secure data centre. ASR tracked who had and had not responded and one week after sending the initial invitation, all those who had not responded were sent a reminder urging them to complete the survey.

Once someone completed their questionnaire, other residents could not re-use the unique hyperlink. This effectively ensured that there was one vote for each residence.

In summary, most respondents who were unhappy about the RPS would be more positive if they had an additional resident parking permit and one or two more visitor / special parking permits. Most of those outside the scheme area did not want the scheme extended.

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