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Mosman Council - Clem Morath Pool user research

Clem Morath Pool

Mosman Council – Clem Morath Pool user research

In January 2011, Mosman Municipal Council commissioned Australian Survey Research (ASR) to conduct a survey about the Clem Morath Pool. The survey focused on residents’ and pool users’ reactions to future options for capital works focused on the pool.

The survey was conducted using two methods:

1. A web survey

Council randomly selected 1,000 ratepayers residing in postcode 2088 and sent them a letter invitation to participate in a web survey. Each invitation was personalised and contained a unique link to the web survey so that residents could only answer once. If people did not have internet access, they were given the opportunity to request a paper questionnaire which they could then mail back to ASR. In total 205 people responded and five of these were paper returns.

2. Face-to-face interviews

62 people (adults) were interviewed at Balmoral Beach near the Clem Morath Pool on two separate days in late January and early February. ASR staff interviewed 30 people and Mosman Council staff interviewed 32. The interview exactly followed the content of the web survey.

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