Making Information Meaningful

NSW Sydney Catchment Management Authority (SMCMA)

Catchment Action Plan

NSW Sydney Catchment Management Authority (SMCMA)

Catchment Action Plan Feedback survey

This project involved coding text data from over 3,500 participants to a survey that made extensive use of open ended responses. ASR was asked to code, analyse and interpret the responses that SCMA had collection from various source groups:

  • Professional working groups, associations, local and state government authorities
  • Volunteer groups and
  • The general community.

The results of the analysis were presented in a report which outlined responses in a series of themes. The research was used to update Catchment Area Plans (CAP for the Sydney regional areas. The research provided opinion on a wide range of issues usefulness as well as awareness of the CAP. The project was a community and local authority group consultation exercise, intended to provide feedback on water CAP issues. This information was specifically used to feed into the design of new CAP’s. Issues such as urban sensitive water usage design, pollution, water quality, habitat preservation, wildlife, recreational use, major threats, regulation and compliance.

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