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Port of Melbourne customer satisfaction survey

Port of Melbourne

Port of Melbourne customer satisfaction survey

PoMC engaged Australian Survey Research to conduct a satisfaction survey of its larger customers across a range of segments including organisations working in the port such as stevedores, freight forwarders and transport companies as well as cargo owners’ peak body representatives.

The research study focused on perceptions of PoMC’s commercial performance as a service provider and its statutory role in making the port supply chain and Port of Melbourne operations more efficient.

Study participants were generally senior managers who had current and fairly extensive interactions with PoMC. Importantly, the project included canvassing issues relating to the recently completed channel deepening project, and more particularly is measuring perceptions of PoMC’s strategic role in planning long-term infrastructure improvements to the port.

The major project steps were:

  • Familiarisation with the client’s needs and operating context, including meeting with a broad range of internal stakeholders.
  • Development of a customised questionnaire which was pilot tested with real customers.
  • Working with project staff to develop a communication program – both with internal staff and external stakeholders
  • Field work – in this case face-to-face and telephone interviews using a standard questionnaire.
  • Analysis and reporting. While only one report was required, the report required various demographic or sub-group cuts (cross-tabs) and considerable consultation because of the various stakeholders involved. An executive summary was also required.

Subsequently and with ASR’s assistance, PoMC will be conducting regular pulse surveys of its customers and tracking results over time.

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