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WorkCover NSW

Work Cover NSW

WorkCover NSW

ASR was engaged to conduct stakeholder research among employers and health & safety representatives on their recent dealings with WorkCover NSW, as well as issues in meeting compliance. The project also included program evaluation of several WorkCover NSW initiatives. Project initiation commenced in February 2013 and final report delivery was end of July for all projects.

This research also involved separate projects of specific stakeholder groups and an overall view.

Projects include:

  1. Telephone and online surveying of 5,000 businesses in NSW that have had interactions with WorkCover in the previous 12 months.
  2. Survey of businesses with or without health and safety representatives (online) (3,100 businesses)
  3. Evaluation of the return to work pilot program involving employers WorkCover NSW and insurance agencies (depth interviews, focus group and online survey; 30 businesses)
  4. High Consequence Low Frequency industry safety program review (Depth interviews and online survey; 120 internal stakeholders and 500+ businesses).

Other projects include 3 surveys in the following industries of employers’ understanding of health & safety obligations, processes and procedures:

  • Road freight businesses (7,500 businesses)
  • Wooden structural components manufacturers (1,800 businesses)
  • Beef and Sheep Cattle farmers (6,200 businesses)
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