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WorkCover Return to work program, stakeholder feedback research

Return to work

WorkCover Return to work program, stakeholder feedback research

Australian Survey Research Group (ASR) was commissioned by WorkCover NSW to conduct research among stakeholders that were involved in the return to work pilot program in September 2012.

The participants in the research comprised:

  • WorkCover inspectors involved in the pilot.
  • WHSD managers.
  • WCID managers.
  • Small medium and large PCBU’s.

The research methodology involved telephone depth interviews, one focus group and an online survey as follows:

  • 1 focus group with WorkCover Inspectors accessible to Sydney area.
  • Phone depth interviews with Inspectors.
  • Phone depth interviews with one representative from Agents (case and account managers) involved in the pilot.
  • Phone depth interviews with employers of small medium and large businesses
  • An online survey was completed by employers.
  • Depth interviews with internal WorkCover managerial representatives.

ASR conducted full analysis and provided a written report.

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