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WorkSafe Health & safety representative survey

Workplace safety

WorkSafe Health & safety representative survey

October 21, 2013
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The primary objectives of the survey were to explore:

  • why and to what extent workplaces had adopted HSRs.
  • current work health and safety consultation practices.
  • the level of understanding of the HSR role and the impact of HSR training.
  • additional ways WorkCover could support businesses to improve WHS.

Survey questions collected information from two key perspectives—HSRs and non-HSRs including persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs), senior managers, OHS managers/officers and or any other worker in an organisation.

The survey was conducted online to invited participants from March to April 2013.

There were 1,111 respondents, reflecting a response rate of 36%. Of these, 530 (48%) were HSRs and 581 (52%) were people not in HSR roles including business owners, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Managing Directors (MDs), senior managers or any type of worker. Respondents came from a diverse range of businesses in terms of size, workforce profile and type of industry.

ASR conducted full analysis and provided a written report.

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