1. In-house Install Survey Manager in-house to run behind your firewall
  2. Host with ASR Run from ASR's web server farm located in a secure Tier 1 data centre with SSL encryption
  3. Azure cloud Access Survey Manager on Microsoft's Azure cloud environment
  4. Facilitated management ASR can provide the people and equipment to run the product in your organisation. This means you get constant access to our questionnaire design and survey expertise
  5. Survey services Use ASR's survey/research bureau. In this way, you can try the product before purchasing.

Survey Manager Use and Users

Commons applications of Survey Manager include:
  • Market research
  • Multi-rater and 360° surveys
  • Membership surveys
  • Help desks/CRM
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee opinion/climate surveys
  • Process control analysis
  • Inventory/asset tracking
  • Benchmarking
  • Financial/sales tracking
  • Mystery shopping and
  • Many more . . .

Almost every organisation, no matter its size, conducts surveys. Often we don't think of it as such, but when your bridge club, community group or football club asks you your preferred agenda and dates for the next get together, you are being surveyed. When you have to fill in a government form about your organisation’s performance you are being surveyed.

Large organisations survey their stakeholders in many ways, many times a year. Examples include: employees, (and often particular groups within the workforce), customers (past, current and potential), industry representatives, community groups, shareholders, suppliers and potential suppliers, other organisations, web-visitors, students, ... and the list continues.

Survey Manager has been designed to manage all of these different types of surveys, to different groups, simultaneously. So we think of it as an enterprise solution. It has grunt. Here are some of the off-the-shelf and customised applications that Survey Manager is used for. Your imagination, or particular need, makes the list grow.

Multi-rater/360° feedback for employees

Survey Manager has been purpose built to manage the complex and multiple relationships that are created by this type of survey. It was used in one application to manage 4,000 subjects (people receiving feedback from up to 10 other people) globally and simultaneously. One of the largest administrative loads in multi-rater surveying is loading respondents and role relationships. Survey Manager comes with a self-loading respondent interface (really a mini-survey) so this workload can be given to individuals, rather than being using central data entry facilities. Questions can be phrased differently for selves (subjects) versus others and Survey Manager keeps precise track of who has/has not done what and when in terms of giving feedback. Load employee names and emails directly from your payroll.

Survey Manager has been customised with an e-commerce front end for the global purchase of a proprietary multi-rater questionnaire.

Market research and customer satisfaction

Survey Manager can be used to poll past, current and potential customers, particularly in B2B situations and in website feedback.

Member research

Professional associations, recreational clubs or special interest groups can use Survey Manager to quickly poll for ideas, feedback and reactions.


Web-based employee satisfaction or climate surveys are easy to administer and allow for very quick feedback of results. Some organisations use employee satisfaction as a balanced scorecard or performance bonus payment component. Web-surveying means that this can be a simple, ongoing activity with randomly chosen respondents.

Comparative data (benchmarking, remuneration)

Survey Manager has been used to collect performance statistics in the health care industry, eg, numbers on turnover, stay-length, reason for discharge, etc. It has also been used to collect and analyse data used for benchmarking local governments in their provision of community services. It has been customised to collect and distribute remuneration data for national salary surveys, supplying respondents with their previous years' data.

Training needs analysis/training evaluation

Survey Manager is used to conduct pre and post-trainee evaluation. It can be used to identify training needs and to evaluate training.

Course and teacher evaluation

Some universities have a regulatory requirement to evaluate all subjects and teachers. Survey Manager can be used to collect the opinions of an entire university's student population each semester.

Asset/inventory tracking

Using hand-held devices and data upload, Survey Manager can be used to collect data about utility devices, eg, water pumps, gas meters, power poles, computer equipment, etc.