Check list

Here is a checklist that we use to scope each of our assignments. In some instances, very few of the items will apply and in others, they are all important. We charge on a time and materials basis. Our estimates depend on the nature of the survey, and the type of expertise required. In some instances, specialized consultants are required to run focus groups, or perform some types of analysis. And input times will vary for the same reasons - sometimes the same task can take 20 minutes or 2 days.

Item / Activity

Tasks / Issues

Requirements review
  • Type of survey: employee, customer, 360°, etc
  • Data collection: web/paper/other
  • Number of respondents (estimate)
  • Number of questions (estimate)
  • Anonymous / named
  • IT infrastructure check (needed)
  • Define reporting requirements

Communication strategy (invitations, reporting)
  • Pre- and post-survey activities
  • Design with client/client designs
  • Produce graphics and write documents
  • Circulate on Intranet, produce posters, etc

Questionnaire development
  • Briefing/previous research
  • Conduct focus groups
  • Question bank used
  • Questions & scales developed

Questionnaire preparation
  • Web questionnaire set up
  • Logo included
  • Instruction/help resource development
  • Sign off

  • Set-up costs
  • Charge (fixed, monthly)

  • Preparation of email message
  • IT infrastructure
  • Emailing sample
  • Checking results

  • Emailing pilot respondents
  • Conducting pilot and getting feedback
  • Communication / fixes

Sample/response group
  • Drawing sample
  • Loading response group

Survey administration
  • Printing (for paper only)
  • Facilitation of groups (usually paper only)
  • Emailing respondents
  • Administration (helpdesk, reissue passwords, etc)
  • Progress reporting (daily, weekly)

Data entry (for paper only)
  • Numeric only (Y/N)
  • Validation Text

  • Reminder text
  • Matching respondents to emails
  • Emailing
  • Number of follow-ups

  • Statistical - basic
  • Statistical - intermediate
  • Statistical - advanced
  • Coding comments / open enders (Y/N)
  • Custom graphs

  • Media (Word, PDF, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Summary (3-4 pages)
  • Detailed (5-10 pages)
  • Comprehensive (10+ pages)
  • Distribution of final report
  • Presentation informal (one-on-one)
  • Presentation formal (group)

  • Data returned to client (Y/N)
  • Data format (Oracle, Excel, Access, CSV, etc)

Project management
  • Type and amount depends on project

Special features
  • For example, install software
  • Create special reports
  • Compare with last year's data (during response or as part of analysis)
  • e-commerce interface