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Educational sector

ASR has conducted numerous studies involving teachers and students ranging from K-12 government schools, universities, all types of schools (government, independent and Catholic) nationally, and international students, as well as university alumni. ASR’s educational clients cover a broad spectrum: from educational providers to suppliers of educational products and services. Educational sector research has covered a wide range of areas, including:

  • Teacher use of educational television programs and technology in their classrooms
  • Teacher work health and safety in schools
  • Student well-being
  • Risks students face in school environments
  • Training needs for school administration software
  • International and domestic student finances / expenses
  • University students’ residential college experiences
  • University alumni philanthropy
  • Teacher feedback about secondary school examinations
  • University staff views on enterprise agreements
  • Reasons for choosing to study at a particular university
  • University research vice-chancellors’ views on grant tracking administration.

The educational research activities that ASR has been involved with have broad and diverse objectives. This means that we approach educational projects in a very customised way. We work closely with clients to understand their research objectives and design studies that used appropriate methodologies, as well as appropriate language and concepts.

It is imperative when working in school environments that we conduct pilot tests with respondent groups. Schools have different ways of managing surveys, particularly electronic surveys, even within the same school system. We need to understand these differences in order to have smooth deployment and to reduce the amount of technical and help desk support.

The sector is survey-weary at the best of times, so using highly selective but statistically representative samples is important for some studies. ASR is experienced in designing and selecting stratified random samples as a way of reducing survey burden. Additionally, we are able to monitor responses rates closely and target particular groups that need further representation.

ASR’s expertise extends to conducting tests and exams online and we are able to also conduct test validity and reliability studies, if needed.

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