Qualitative (QL) research

Qualitative research provides a story which allows us to understand themes and contexts. Exploration of such issues is vital when you need to get the right answers, not just any answer. This is why ASR consultants are also experienced qualitative researchers, with experience in facilitating focus groups, conducting in-depth interviews and citizen forums. This takes the guesswork out of understanding what is important or relevant to your clients and stakeholders. At ASR we may utilise qualitative research extensively, as in stakeholder research, or as input to the development of a quantitative survey.

QL research aims to get a better understanding through first-hand experience, truthful reporting, and quotations of actual conversations. It aims to understand how the participants derive meaning from their surroundings, and how their meaning influences their behaviour.

The most common method is the QL research interview, but other forms of data collection can include group discussions, observation and reflection field notes using various texts, pictures and other materials.