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Customer research

Our approach is to develop a research strategy that best fits the needs and structure of your organisation. However, most customer or user research we develop for clients focuses on three key components: customer loyalty, experience and value. We aim to generate insights that will help focus and improve customer relationships with your organisation.

The nature of customers’ experiences can vary considerably between organisations. Comparing the act of buying a product from a bricks and mortar or online shop is quite different from an interaction with a government or member organisation where there is no or limited choice and where service is critical.

ASR understands the generic metrics that apply to all customer interactions, but we also work with you to develop and help you track metrics that are specific to your sector or product / service type. For example, rewarding water saving is important to water customers while having safe, working-order equipment right when it is needed is critic for equipment hire.

We apply rating scales that make it easy to measure and track changes and we design reports that are simple to distribute and understand. We also know that using the insights of open-ended comments is powerful when trying to understand what is important to customers.

Types of customer research that ASR has engaged in recently include:

  • Water supply, including domestic and major commercial customers
  • Residents in privately provided student accommodation
  • Users of hire equipment
  • Specialist moulding providers
  • Switch gear manufacturers and users
  • Users of immigration detention services
  • Students and choice of educational institution
  • Customer segmentation / characteristics of VIP shoppers of a book / giftware shop
  • IT users.

Each of these studies has presented unique requirements which, in turn, has required different approaches, including quite different ways of collecting feedback.

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