Making Information Meaningful

Educational sector

ABC Current Affairs

Australian Broadcasting Corporation audience research

ASR was commissioned to conduct audience research (2008) of a regular current affairs program which broadcast to schools throughout Australia. The study involved contacting teachers in all types of school settings (private, government and independent as well as urban, regional and rural). We collected teachers’ opinions about all […]

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Student Exams

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)

VCE examination feedback survey

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) has engaged Australian Survey Research (ASR) to conduct an online survey of Victorian VCE teachers about a range of examination-related issues. The survey was first conducted in 2007.

Between 900 to 1000 teachers respond […]

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University of Sydney

The University of Sydney Alumni Census

Australian Survey Research (ASR) was commissioned by The University of Sydney to conduct the 2012 alumni census, including non-alumni that have made a donation to the University within the last five years. The census was conducted among 130,682 domestic and international Alumni and 9,816 Non […]

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Student at ATM

Universities Australia student finances survey

The Universities Australia Student Finances Survey was used to identify student financial matters affecting tertiary study. The survey also gathered detailed personal income and expense data from international and domestic, postgraduate and undergraduate university students enrolled in all universities in Australia

ASR conducted cognitive testing groups among tertiary […]

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International Students

Universities Australia International Student Survey

ASR was selected to conduct a paper and web survey of 30,000 overseas students selected across all publically-funded tertiary institutions in Australia […]

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Uni Student

Universities Australia

As of 31 March 2010 there were 432,000 onshore international students in Australia. These students provide an export income to Australia in the vicinity of $18b per year.

The data used to estimate the current international student expenditure is based on a survey that has not been […]

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Deakin University

Deakin University commissioned Australian Survey Research (ASR) to conduct a survey of students who enrolled mid-year (trimester 2) at Deakin University in 2012. The aim of the study was to understand the reasons why students chose to enrol at Deakin and why they chose mid-year entry […]

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Student residential life

Campus Living Villages

In the same way it would conduct an employee survey, ASR collects data for, analyses and reports on student resident satisfaction at CLV’s 22 resident villages throughout Australia. CLV runs university student residential halls and tracks resident satisfaction with services and facilities twice yearly. An overall report […]

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Middle Years Children

Dept of Education & Early Childhood Development SA (DEECD)

Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) Pilot Survey

The Department identified a need to develop a web based service to enable it to administer a pilot Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) survey for 8,000 children across selected government and non-government schools in South Australia and […]

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Dept of Education & Early Childhood Development VIC (DEECD)

In 2012 ASR hosted an employee survey in Victorian schools covering 60,000 teachers and non-teaching staff. We used the Department’s edumail-supplied contact details to create and invitational survey of teachers plus ran an anonymous survey for non-teaching staff.

DEECD had also commissioned ASR […]

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