Reporting services


Access high-powered analytical
and mass reporting capabilities

How do we analyse the data for 2,000 organisations?

Then how do we design and create individual reports for these 2,000 organisations?

And, we need this done quickly.


ASR can create reports which contain context-sensitive narrative alongside graphical and tabular displays of the data, together with other individualised features for each organisation. These are superior to IT dashboards as they are complete standalone documents.

How it works for you

  1. You send us your data in whatever format you have it stored.
  2. Alternatively, we design the data collection process or survey with you
  3. We collect data collected by a combination of techniques:
    • Web (desktops and tablets)
    • Mobile phones (using email and SMS notifications)
    • Paper
    • Telephone
    • Focus groups
  4. You specify the type and format of the reports you require, as well who is allowed access.
  5. We load it into our analytical software systems and conduct numerical, statistical and textual analyses
  6. We build reports to your specification
  7. You review the format and content of the reports over the Intranet and, over the telephone, and we make any adjustments you require in real time
  8. We finalise the look and content of the reports
  9. We convert them to PDF format
  10. We set up the access rules to your data, e.g., public access, access restricted  to designated colleagues, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, etc.
  11. The availability of the reports is publicised to your designated target groups
  12. We manage routine uploads of fresh data, answer user queries, and provide usage reports to you.