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Work health and safety

Work health and safety (also called occupational health and safety—WHS or OHS) is one of ASR’s areas of content expertise. ASR has conducted WHS studies in the following employment contexts:

  • Public hospitals
  • Government schools
  • Road freight
  • Beef and cattle
  • Construction components manufacture
  • High risk hazard industries.

In addition, ASR has surveyed health and safety representatives and their employers, as well as businesses who managed employees returning to work.

ASR understands many of the issues involved in managing and implementing work health and safety in workplaces, including legislative and reporting requirements, as well as communicating with employees about their responsibilities and legal obligations.

Challenges involved in working in the WHS / OHS area include:

  • Selecting the correct survey methodology for the target industry and respondent profile
  • Database quality—sometimes multi modal data collection may be necessary if, for example, half the database has an email address and the other half only has telephone numbers
  • The often sensitive nature of this type of research requires careful messaging to reassure anonymity and confidentiality when recruiting or inviting participation and so that response rates can be maximised.
  • Effectively communicating the benefits of participation to also maximise response rates
  • Complex subject matter which means that there can be many variables, scenarios and contexts within the same project. Appropriate use of logic to manage this complexity is essential for obtaining good quality data outcomes
  • Coordination between multiple stakeholders
  • Dealing with sensitive subject matter and vulnerable populations

Excellent research design and project management skills are fundamental for achieving on-time delivery of projects in this field. ASR has the experience to deliver WHS / OHS projects in tight timeframes.

We also have a substantial history and consulting experience in conducting projects with sensitive subject matter and highly vulnerable populations.

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