Making Information Meaningful

Health sector

Healthcare costs have increased two and three times the rate of CPI on average over the last 20 years. This has been considerably driven by an ageing population, greater life expectancy and advances in medical technology. Delivery of efficient and effective services have become important factors in controlling spiralling costs without compromising quality of care.

Research into service delivery, patient satisfaction, quality standards and training, to name but a few areas, are vital in guiding decision makers in the health sector. This is especially the case where lives, quality of life, and cost outcomes are, by nature of the industry, finely balanced.

ASR consultants have experience in the following healthcare areas:

  • Review and recommendations in the design of hospital patient experience monitors in the public sector
  • Developing data collection and multi report generation over mutliple health agencies
  • Consumer perception of the public and private areas of the health system
  • Extent of charges by health profession relating to informed financial consent
  • Review of special needs clinics
  • Satisfaction with high care retirement living.

ASR adds value for our heath sector clients through our experience and expertise in stakeholder and customer feedback, program evaluation, service provision and customer satisfaction, as well as work health & safety and community research. The health sector bisects a host of complex issues that we can provide actionable in sight on through the application of a wide range of research techniques.

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