Employee surveys

We can assist in questionnaire development, deployment and analysis, as well as working with you to ensure representative samples. Generating organisation-specific engagement or retention indices is part of our specialist offering.

Employee surveys can focus on a range of topics. Our recent HR studies have covered:

  • Engagement and retention studies—generating engagement indices using a standard algorithm as well as generating organisation specific indices
  • Terms and conditions of employment - useful when conducting enterprise bargaining
  • Internal service of IT service providers - or internal evaluation of any internal service provider, or an outsourced provider
  • Measuring and tracking the implementation of corporate values and behaviours
  • Multi-rater, peer or upward feedback as part of development exercises or overall employee satisfaction. These are commonly called 360° surveys and we can generate standard reports for you comparing individuals with similar peers and/or the organisation as a whole. Reports can include pre-determined development solutions.
  • Work health and safety - including measuring organisational WHS culture or simply employees’ suggestions for improvements
  • Gender equity - assessing equity across a range of people management functions and tying opinion-based results with actual organisational metrics from your payroll.
  • Training needs - using a range of techniques including self-reported gap analysis or more formally against structured position descriptions
  • Remuneration - either as comparative salary surveys, or collecting data to assess whether or not salary increases are warranted and at what level
  • Employee census covering demographics and attributes such as language, education, certification and aspirations.

We collect employee data using a variety of methods and the combination is dependent on the topic or the nature of the assignment. We regularly conduct interviews and focus groups to assist in preparing self-completion questionnaires and we collect data using paper, web, or telephone questionnaires.

ASR is experienced in deploying both anonymous and known respondent employee surveys. The latter allows us to track longitudinally, particularly for retention studies, and to incorporate other payroll-associated data, such as amount invested in training, competency sets or performance ratings.

We can assist in developing communication programs which will significantly increase response rates, using innovative messages and media.

We have experience in surveying very small (less than 100) and very large (more than 60,000) workforces, in both indoor and outdoor working environments. Where it is important, we work closely with employee groups such as unions.

As part of its employee survey expertise, ASR conducts skill audits of whole workforces or specific segments and has extensive experience in collecting skill profiles by paper or electronically and then using this information for workforce planning and training needs analysis.

ASR develops organisation-specific indices or benchmarks which can be used to track progress and to identify trouble-spots. They can also be used to identify high risk retention or engagement areas within an organisation.

An important type of research is to link employee attitudes with customer attitudes/satisfaction. If a similar instrument can be used to collect employee and customer views in similar time periods, and over time, some interesting dynamics can be identified about how employee attitudes affect customer opinion.