Research services

We collect information by any combination of:

  • Web surveys
  • Paper forms and questionnaires
  • Scannable paper forms
  • Telephone interviewing (CATI or depth interviewing)
  • Field work including intercepts/observations
  • Focus groups
  • Face-to-face depth interviewing.

A typical assignment entails some or all of the following steps:

  • Research design and methodology development
  • Question and questionnaire design, development and testing
  • Sample design and selection
  • Communication programs to increase response rates
  • Data collection using any method—qualitative and quantitative
  • Multilingual if needed
  • Project management
  • Analysis
  • High performance statistical processing
  • Interpreting results and identifying action points
  • Specialised business intelligence
  • Standardised reporting and dissemination including dashboards and infographics
  • Formal written reports
  • Executive presentation of results.

We also create custom reporting suites for small and large datasets. These reports can be produced for individuals (such as multi-rater / 360° feedback) and organisations (like employee or customer surveys) as well as for long-term purposes (like industry-wide benchmarking).

Projects range from one to two weeks in duration to three-year benchmarking studies and cover a number of industry sectors and companies as well as individuals.

We use fit-for-purpose research methodologies. We do very little off-the-shelf; most of our work is bespoke and is always designed with your research purpose in mind. This means that we commonly undertake research using a variety of data collection methods.

We specialise in projects requiring a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques. We undertake large and small research assignments and are happy to perform a complete end-to-end project, or just the part you want, like only data collection. We have particular expertise in designing and delivering web surveys and in approaching potential respondents or participants in innovative ways. We regularly take advantage of our in-house web surveying software to collect data, but not every project includes this platform.

We use a variety of methods to meet assignment requirements including face-to-face and telephone depth interviews, foyer and exit interviews as well as mini to large scale focus groups. We use paper to collect data, but also use mail outs to direct respondents to web surveys.

Our consultants are noted for their expertise in working in highly sensitive environments with people who may be at risk in expressing their views. We are also experienced in working with interpreters and we can conduct our own recruitment.

We perform routine and specialised statistical analysis and reporting on completed survey and other data for various statutory bodies, government agencies and companies.