Regulatory stakeholders

We obtain stakeholder feedback for government agencies and government-owned business enterprises (GBEs). We work closely with clients to understand the detailed nature of feedback required (the scope of a study) as well as how the feedback will be used in ongoing operating activities. In some cases, there is a mandated requirement to obtain feedback, e.g., service charter. In other instances, there may be a particular issue that needs to be investigated.

We build a series of questions using client material (business plans and previous research) and with client assistance. It is important for us to keep in mind how the answers to these questions will be analysed and reported, particularly over time.

Methodology varies for stakeholder studies. Some can be totally depth interviews; some can be a combination of depth interviews and paper and/or web surveys and/or CATI. Often, we cover different audiences where one audience is interviewed and another audience or stakeholder group provides feedback through a web survey or series of surveys.

The target populations we have worked with include banks, insurance companies, non-bank financial institutions, RTOs, schools, fishers, and game hunters, plus many others.