CompTrack helps organizations manage workforce competencies and associated training needs. Based around a user-defined, hierarchical and limitless competency dictionary, you can develop employee, position (and associated training plan) and course profiles. Use these to match a person to a position, a position to all people, a person's training needs with courses or any other combination.

The competency dictionary can hold task-based competencies (skills and knowledge) as well as behavioral type competencies or dimensions with levels - all at the same time. The dictionary can be used for a wide range of purposes including internal recruitment, training needs analysis, career and succession planning, course demand planning and accreditation.

CompTrack manages all aspects of training administration from a training administrator's position, as well as from an individual's point-of-view. As an administrator you can keep comprehensive course schedule records. When an employee completes a course their record is automatically populated.

CompTrack holds details of people not on your payroll as well as payroll employees. We call these "external" people. They can be contractors, training consultants and/or outside people you are training for profit. You can keep competency information and training records about these people as well.

If your organization has compliance requirements, CompTrack can tell you who needs to be retrained in what - and you determine the cycle time for retraining.

The system has multi-level access control, can be fully networked and individuals can view their own files through a web interface. The web component includes workflow and displays the actions managers need to take with their direct reports, eg, approve a course booking. Through the web interface managers can also view their employees' training histories and produce reports on these. Bookings can be placed directly into employees' electronic calendars.

CompTrack can be linked to your performance management system to create a seamless interface between training plans and training bookings. It can also interface with content delivery systems and accept test results from delivery applications.

If you need assistance in setting up, modifying or applying competencies, we can assist you through our HR consulting company - Terris Consulting. CompTrack can be installed as a standalone application, or it can be interfaced to your ERP or payroll/HRM system, or any other database driven application.