Inbuilt email client

You don't need to leave SurveyManager to set up distribution emails, logic-based email templates, notifications and personalised respondent reminders. Our software has an inbuilt email client - so powerful that some clients set up dummy survey projects just in order to reach large numbers of people with our customised emails.

Emailing and scheduling made easy

Schedule invitation, reminder and thank you emails:

  • Invitation, reminder and thankyou emails are managed within SurveyManager
  • Email templates can be drafted and prescheduled for dispatch
  • Merge fields such as first name, surname or URL can be used to personalise emails
  • HTML emails can be fully formatted with graphics and full colour options - not just plain text, and
  • Emails can be sent with attachments.
Inbuilt Email Client

Inbuilt Email Client

SMS Messaging

SMS Messaging

SMS messaging

SurveyManager intelligently integrates SMS and email messaging such that a recipient can receive an invitation, reminder or thank you message by a combination of SMS or email according to user-set parameters and/or their response.

The SMS message system interfaces with a local SMS provider chosen for its high security and assurance that all SMS messages remain within Australia.

SurveyManager enables the creation of tailored SMS templates for invites, reminders, and other purposes.

The SMS service can be turned on/off at the Application group level and further down at each survey level. Message Media is a current provider for the SMS service.


  • Bulk SMS.
  • Tailored SMS templates.
  • Switch on/off at Application Group Level or survey level.


Australia had 30 million phones in use in 2013 - that's 1.3 phones for every one of us! This means they are an important source of feedback as well as communication.

There are few restrictions on the complexity of the design that a Smartphone questionnaire can have compared to a web only questionnaire. Users are able to design questionnaires, quizzes, polls, etc in three modes:

  • Desktop and tablets only
  • Smartphone only, eg, Apple iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Window Phones, etc.
  • Hybrid, such that our software will auto detect which format to deliver to the respondent's device.
SurveyManager Survey Constructor

SurveyManager Survey Constructor

SurveyManager Survey Preview

SurveyManager Survey Preview

SurveyManager automatically detects the respondent's device and presents the appropriate web or mobile interface. As more people are using their mobile phones to read and send emails, it is likely our mobile phone feature will be useful to broadcast messages as well as collect data & responses by e-forms and surveys, respectively.

SurveyManager allows you to preview both web and mobile interface while you are designing a survey in the system. This shows you exactly how your survey is going to look like on a smartphone.

  • Automatically detects the device and presents the appropriate smartphone or web interface
  • At anytime the user can leave the survey on one device and re-start where they left on another (provided section tracking is turned on)
  • Allows you to select different colour themes from the style editor.
SurveyManager Survey Mobile Preview

SurveyManager Survey Mobile Preview

SurveyManager Survey Mobile Templates

SurveyManager Survey Mobile Templates

Emerging Technologies

The use of Near-Field Communications (NFC) chips and RFID in mobile phones allows for new events-based surveys based upon geofencing (geographic zoning). For example: when a person enters a shopping precinct a specific, contextual survey (e.g. time of day) can be triggered and sent to that individual's phone. This will allow retailers to modify products based upon survey results and insights gained.

Contextually aware

Surveys that use proximity and incentive systems (e.g. geofencing) to push out to mobile devices and offer benefits for completion.

Real-time BI

Surveys that provide feedback and information to the respondent encouraging them to persist or become part of an ongoing panel or respondent pool

Social Networks

Surveys that expand and cascade across social networks through sharing technologies

Blended Data

Surveys that hook into third-party data to apply benchmark, comparison data or derive new information by using multi-variant data

These advances in survey capabilities parallel advances in mobile intelligence (e.g. NFC and RFID chips), software self-learning, independent data integration services and M2M (machine-to-machine) technologies that share data across smart networks.

If you are interested in any of these areas, please contact us for a no-obligation discussion.