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Paperhouse joins Australian Survey Research

Paperhouse joins Australian Survey Research

If you need to use paper questionnaires or collect information via paper, we can help you. Paperhouse is a sister company of ASR.

It has an extensive track record in questionnaire design, survey management, paper processing, data management and analysis. It can help you to automate any paper-based data collection process and turn it into accessible information.

Paperhouse provides complete solutions for customers’ complex, critical information and image processing needs. These cover a combination of technologies from manual key data entry to automated scanning and key-from-image (KFI) systems.

Paperhouse works for commercial and public sector clients on a range of business and social research projects.

Our services include the design and administration of survey research projects, document printing, bulk mailing and data processing services, including:

  • Questionnaire and forms design
  • Artwork and preparation for printing
  • Printing and distribution
  • Envelope printing and insertion
  • Use of barcoding and tracking IDs
  • Mass mailing and direct mail marketing
  • Bulk mail lodgement discounts
  • Reply collection and reporting
  • Data and image scanning
  • Data entry and delivery
  • Project management

Contact Paperhouse for help with:

  • Customer surveys
  • Employee surveys
  • Membership and alumni surveys
  • Social research surveys
  • Product launches and sales promotions
  • Mailing of brochures and flyers
  • CRM data cleansing

Contact Jason Plunkett on 03 9578 5322 or or go to

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