1Can the number performance reviews (evaluations) conducted each year be changed?
Yes. The generic product is set at twice per year, but it can be set at whatever frequency a manager or employee requires, eg, monthly, quarterly or yearly reviews. As a standard feature, different employees in different areas of an organization or different employees reporting to the same manager can have a different number of reviews in a year. Review names are created by the system administrator. An unlimited number of reviews can be conducted for an employee during a performance year.
2Can we use our own rating scale?
Yes, this is totally user-defined.
3Can we use our own organization's colors and logo?
Yes, you can have whatever you want in terms of images and colors (as long as they comply with Microsoft standards).
4How much customization is required?
None is necessary. You can buy the product off-the-shelf. However, you can also customize any aspect of the product and use your terms and business rules.
5Do we need a web-server in-house?
Yes if you are hosting it. No, if we host it on our servers.
6How does the system identify users?
Through their network logon and password or the login from any other organization-wide system.
7How does the system handle a dispute between an employee and a manager?
Once a review is completed, the employee can access a dispute screen which sends an email to his/her manager and to the HR Department. It is up to the organization how this is acted on. Alternatively, disputes are handled off line using a standard grievance process.
8How are changes/additions to performance plans or development plans authorized?
Whenever any change is made to a component of the performance management process, it is saved and then validated by the user making the change, through entering their network password, ie, only the user can authorize their own changes. Once a change is validated, a new status date for that component is displayed. Only an employee can add comments about progress to their part of the performance and development plans, and to their overall assessments, and only managers can add comments to their parts. Each party can see what the other has written but they cannot change the other's comments.
9Can we change the modules or components that make up a performance management system?
Yes. All components are optional. You can pick and choose what you want. It is even possible for some components to be mandatory for everyone while other components are required for only a few employees, eg, senior executives.
10Can employees see different components or screen layouts or particular fields, just from their logon?
11Can items such as photographs and supporting documents be held in an employee's record?
Yes, and this is only limited by the size of your database (storage capacity).
12What happens if a user forgets their password?
Once the user has supplied their logon ID, the system can email the user a new password. In addition, there is a secret question and answer feature. Answering the secret question correctly enables the creation of a new password.