For organisations & businesses, panel or community management is the facility in SurveyManager to create and manage is a group of people bound by common interests.

For example, you could build a panel of your employees, customers, rate payers, strategic partners or other stakeholder groups.

For market researchers, panel management refers to the process of recruiting, incentivizing, engaging, segmenting, profiling, and caring for online market research panel members. The online sample provider is usually responsible for all panel management activities.

Often overlooked in the market research industry, proper panel management helps to increase the overall survey completion rate, panelist retention rate, and the quality of market research data.

Why use panels?

The emergence of the online community has created a new opportunity for collecting meaningful and consistent feedback. While many associate the term community with social networking communities, like MySpace® and Facebook, companies and government agencies have used the concept to create online communities of interest consisting of key stakeholders such as customers, constituents, employees, and partners.

These communities represent an enormous potential for insights and information and the best way to realize that potential is to create respondent panels from the community members. The net effect is simple: the organization has at its disposal established groups of its most important stakeholders, profiled and ready to respond to surveys. The cost of building these panels is roughly equal to the cost of one market research project, but the panel is available for regular, consistent, and ongoing feedback.

Want feedback more than once? Build a list of respondents and continually survey them with ease. You can embed data about respondents and compare answers over time. This enhances surveys in customer satisfaction, market research, employee satisfaction and other feedback.

An on-going problem in survey research is finding and keeping suitable respondents. A panel lets you keep a database of qualified and willing participants. You can use the panel to select appropriate people for a project and reward those who participate.

The benefits of establishing your own panel become obvious over time. Aside from being highly cost effective the main benefits are:

  • Immediate access to an already signed up group of clients/stakeholders; no invitation costs for each survey, or the need to purchase names (one a panel is established).
  • Shorter research cycles from questionnaire design to deployment (faster answers);
  • Physical evidence that your organisation has a research process to engage their stakeholders; and
  • Increased loyalty and appreciation from panel members in being consulted generating good PR and positive word of mouth.

The smarter way to obtain calibrated feedback

The process of collecting and analyzing feedback has transformed over the past five to ten years, driven by multiple factors such as changing regulations, emerging technologies, and the evolving behaviour of consumers, including:

  • The way consumers shop and communicate has changed, making obsolete traditional survey techniques such as face-to-face surveys, mall-based surveys, and direct mail.
  • The "Do Not Call" register has affected consumer sentiment towards phone surveys. While the regulation does not prohibit market research calls, the general population does not differentiate between telesales and research, which results in ever lower complete rates for phone surveys.
  • The mass adoption of the mobile phone as the consumer's primary phone has reduced the need to own a traditional "land line" phone, further diminishing the effectiveness of phone surveys.

Features of online & telephone panel management module:

  • Create a registration page for panel membership to collect standard registration details as well as tailored registration questions asking anything you like.
  • Associate questions with a particular panel (so that all data is connected to that panel).
  • Let people join the panel online using the double opt-in feature.
  • Import lists of people into the panel.
  • Customize the management portal.
  • See statistics on the overall panel.
  • See participation statistics for individual surveys.
  • Select members for telephone or online surveys based on demographics and past survey invitations or participation.
  • Specify demographic quotas when selecting a sample.
  • Combine demographic and other panel data with answers to new surveys.
  • View and edit individual members' data.
  • See individual members' survey participation.
  • Flag members as inactive automatically or individually.
  • Assign incentive points for complete surveys or survey pages.
  • Draw prize winners from among members completing a survey.
  • Use a page template and appearance options to make the portals match your site's appearance.
  • Use different styles for the administrative and member portals.
  • Run multiple panels at once.
  • Combine panels and add ad hoc respondent lists to the same survey.

Some of the differences that Survey Manager can make:

  • Operates as a sampling tool that can work alongside your own interviewing system.
  • Provides an optional panel management module for online applications.
  • Handles online panels, customer databases and sample lists.

The key to creating loyal customers, a winning brand and more revenue lies in building an ongoing dialogue with customers and employees.

  • Place customers at the heart of your business by incorporating their voice into your strategy.
  • Engage on a deeper level using branded and personalized surveys tailored to each respondent.
  • Maintain a healthy, vibrant group ready to respond in a moment’s notice.
  • Craft compelling, pertinent and rewarding experiences by leveraging CRM, LMS and other data.
  • Centralize on a single platform to improve responses, visibility, efficiency and costs.


From monotonous monologues to deep, rich dialogues, create lasting impressions and loyalty with relevant two-way conversations. In fact, panel surveys are 5-10 times more effective than open surveys*.

Send tailored surveys based on past responses and information from sales campaigns and government programs.

Develop deep profiles of customer and employee information to accelerate getting the answers you need.

Develop deep profiles of customer and employee information to accelerate getting the answers you need.

Uncover issues before the competition and offer new perspectives every step of the way with a panel that can scale from 1 to a million members—IT not required.

Real people are behind all those email addresses. We make it possible to get the answers you need and simultaneously ensure that your members are engaged..

With advance features such as panel utilization, filters and top-down reporting, create better relationships and better data.

Trend respondent habits with complete visibility into bounce rates, opens, click-throughs and more..

Web portal for panel members to update their profiles, give and receive feedback.

Available for installation in house, host on our servers, host in the cloud or let us manage your panels for you.