Service options

Do-it-yourself (DIY)

Using our question library, or your own, and our on-line tools, you can create, administer and analyse your own survey on our web site. The main steps are:

  • Design the questionnaire, with or without our help, and supply it to us.
  • We load your questionnaire into SurveyManager, which is located on our web server.
  • You e-mail an invitation to the people designated to participate in the survey. The email message contains a URL (hyperlink) that automatically takes the respondents to the questionnaire on our web server OR you give us a list of known respondents and their emails and we do an email merge sending them unique emails containing their personal link.
  • After the completion period, the survey is analysed and reports produced. This can be done using our tools or we can give you a data extract to analyse in-house using the tools of your choice.
  • If you want a permanent web survey that collects ongoing feedback, we can give you continuous access to your responses as they come in.
  • Alternatively, we can send you regular updates, eg, last month, last quarter or whenever you want it.

We host your survey on our web site

You design your own survey (instructions, questionnaire and respondent group) and do your own analysis. We will provide the software to display and distribute the questionnaire, as well as collect the answers. This can be a one-off survey or an ongoing survey. Security is ensured.

We can give you the completed data for you to analyse, or we will assist you to do the analysis using our tools. Our reports can be e-mailed back to you, broadcast on your Intranet, or made available to selected people through password access. We can do this for a one-off project, an ongoing survey, or a series of different types of surveys.

Use your intranet

We will install our powerful software on site and assist you to conduct your own surveys. We can train your staff to use the software, or do it for you on site. This service covers questionnaire design, with your questions or ours. Reports can be customised to your requirements, or we will extract the completed survey data and load it into the database or analytical tools of your choice. Our software is compatible with Lotus Notes e-mail system.

Survey facilitation

We help you only where needed to carry out one or more steps of the survey process, for example, questionnaire design, drawing up sample sets, analysis, or interpreting your results. Also, you may want to repeat a survey you have run previously, but want to use your Intranet or the Internet for the first time. We have the software tools to enable you to do this. We can help you amalgamate the current survey with the data from previous surveys.

Let us to do it all

We can organise everything for you, including questionnaire design and testing, automatic respondent assignment, questionnaire distribution and follow up, as well as full analysis and report production. We will project manage the entire process while keeping you in the loop. We will advise of risks and ways to mitigate any risks. We employ statisticians and psychologists who have a wealth of experience in survey design and analysis and you benefit from this in-house expertise.

Customised services

Pre-populated questionnaire: we can build special features into your questionnaires, such as presenting respondents with their previous years’ data.

Specialised content: by arrangement with a number of major consulting, psychology and market research companies, we can supply validated instruments, depending upon the purpose of your survey.

Custom reports: our programmers can build reports to your specification for hard and soft copy distribution. We have many pre-designed report formats including upward feedback/360® feedback reports. Our standard reports are available in black-white and colour formats, but you might want special effects added to your presentations.

Discover hidden trends: combine the results of consumer and employee surveys with business and financial parameters in our powerful database. This enables you to identify lead and lag factors affecting your bottom line.

Reasons for using an outsourced research provider

Here are some questions you might be asking and why ASR may be an ideal research partner:

  • Will it take time to organise a dedicated server?
  • Is your IT Department unable to help immediately?
  • Do you require a level of independence or a third party view?
  • Do you have limited time and a limited budget?
  • Do you want to keep your data within Australia, or at least outside of the USA so that it does not come under the USA PATRIOT Act?

ASR’s research service is a safe alternative because:

  • We run your project on our equipment
  • We take out the hassle (no need to involve your IT Department)
  • You benefit from our experience
  • All data is collected and housed in Australia.

ASR’s service offering features:

  • Servers housed in a secure tier 4 data centre
  • Use our database and web servers (or house yours with us)
  • SSL encryption available
  • Suitable for internal and public use
  • 24×7 up time
  • Monthly subscription
  • Short term and long term projects

All types of data and analysis accommodated.