As a client-centric organisation we are constantly listening to our clients and we have modified and enhanced SurveyManager as a result. We invite you to join the party and discover how SurveyManager can become the best strategic purchase you can make in the next few months.

What our client's are saying

Voice Project has been using Survey Manager as the core surveying tool for our business for over 10 years.

The breadth of features, stability, frequent updates and excellent service has enabled us to deliver high quality surveys to hundreds of organisations and over a million employees and customers.

Dr Peter Langford, PhD, MBA, M Clin Psych, B Sc Psych Hons,

Voice Project

The Department of Education uses SurveyManager to track the experiences of up to 12,000 job seekers every fortnight as they progress through Job Services Australia, the Australian Government employment services programme that supports job seekers and employers.

Ron Fraser

Employment Services Post Program
Monitoring & Analysis Section, Canberra

Survey Matters has been using the SurveyManager software owned by Australian Survey Research (ASR) to conduct our quantitative surveys for more than three years.

First and foremost we have always been very impressed by ASR’s responsiveness and customer service. Their technical team has very thorough product knowledge and always respond quickly to any enquiry. Issues that arise are always fixed quickly with minimum fuss, and to date we have experienced no major down-time with the software.

Data security is always a concern for any company, but even more so for organisations dealing in the collection of data through on-line surveys, and we are pleased that ASR maintains their infrastructure in secure data-centres based in Australia. This also assists with compliance to the Australian Privacy Act.

ASR is also continually developing new features to keep pace with changes in the research market.

Overall, SurveyManager is a very robust product and Survey Matters would recommend it to any organisation seeking to conduct surveys or research in any capacity.

Brenda Mainland
Director and Co-founder

Survey Matters Pty Ltd

Catholic Church Insurance Ltd (CCI) has been a Survey Manager user for four years. ASR has customised Survey Manager’s workflow and reporting to give CCI a unique business application.
As part of their overall risk management activities as a general insurer, CCI conducts a risk control review at a client’s request. These reviews cover aspects of health and safety, liability, property, IT and finance at a parish and diocese level. As part of the reviews, CCI staff ask clients a standard suite of questions and then enter answers into Survey Manager. Alternatively, more experienced clients conduct a self-assessment using the same Survey Manager questionnaire. After answering questions, and with the click of a button, an entire risk review report is produced which visually summarises risks and identifies ways of addressing identified gaps.

CCI and ASR staff have produced an automated reporting module which reduces CCI workload considerably. Graham Porter, a risk consultant with CCI, estimates that before using Survey Manager a review report took about half a day to produce. Now it’s just a mouse click and, even better, clients can do it for themselves. As well as conducting general reviews, CCI uses the Survey Manager application to conduct school-based reviews addressing school issues and work, health and safety reviews, as well as addressing issues within organisations like aged care facilities.

CCI also has ideas about how Survey Manager could be used to automate some of their other business processes, building on the success and efficiency of the review reporting application.

Mark Wilson
National Manager, Risk Management

Catholic Church Insurances

For over three years Parramatta City Council has been an active Survey Manager user. They currently conduct around 40 projects a year covering staff and community topics like:

  • staff travel activities, both to and from work and during work
  • team to team service evaluation within Council
  • community satisfaction with overall Council services
  • specific service user evaluations like libraries, outdoor entertainment and waste collection
  • community perceptions of safety and crime.

Council uses Survey Manager’s panel management feature extensively. Parramatta has one of the largest LGA community panels in Australia with close to 1800 members. Called Community Voice, the panel has increased steadily since the beginning of 2011 when there were only 500 members. Community Voice members are invited to nearly all community surveys and are valuable contributors to Council’s research program.

David Briant, Parramatta City Council’s Research and Consultation Co-ordinator has found Survey Manager to be user friendly, powerful and less complicated than other survey software applications.
He encourages Council staff to use it rather than cheaper offerings because Survey Manager has better logic functions, it’s easy to use images, offers greater security and faster, local support than other similar products.

David Briant
Research and Consultation Co-ordinator

Parramatta City Council