Novice users

Despite being feature-rich, the novice or occasional user can readily create a professional questionnaire and run a survey in SurveyManager. The screen layout is intuitive and critical options contain hover help.

This is supplemented by a comprehensive online manual. When all else fails, we are a phone call away!

Power users

The power user can access advanced features in a special pane at survey design. Features that these people are likely to need include:

  • HTML editing
  • Piping
  • Advanced Boolean rules engine for questions
  • Setting up question or section skips can be set against one or more survey response options in the form of conditional or unconditional jumps:
  • Creating preset exit pages for certain scenarios or conditions with specific messages for participants upon conclusion of the survey.

ASR consulting services

The ASR team includes senior researchers, analysts and programmers who perform analysis for a wide range of clients including universities, major government departments, government business enterprises and businesses. We know how to gather data, interpret data and present the results in ways that are evidence-based, factual and easy to read.

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Paper surveys

ASR has a sister company called Paperhouse Document Management, a full service mail survey & paper projects company. It can help you to automate any paper-based data collection process and turn it into accessible information. Our services include the design and administration of survey research projects, document printing, bulk mailing, scanning and data processing services.

In particular, Paperhouse conducts manual data entry as well as Optical Mark Read (OMR) scanning. OMR scanning enables both the capture of quantitative data quickly, and the subsequent verification and entry of flagged open and closed response fields.

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Foreign alternatives

Why use us instead of foreign-hosted low-cost survey software?

  • The competitor is not really low cost when you add all their subscriptions together
  • SurveyManager has much better features, including community feedback portals and smartphones
  • Data held in Melbourne in secure Data Centre
  • Data storage in Australia as mandated for Australian Government - therefore complies with National Privacy Principles
  • All your survey data amalgamated into single secure database
  • Local support by survey experts

Save money - do the lot at once

Use the same system for employee, supplier, stakeholder and consumer surveys with data residing in a common database. Survey thousands of people with different questionnaires at the same time across a nation, across time zones, across languages and across the globe.

It provides flexibility in questionnaire and form design; emailing, web administration, web reporting and/or export to third party analysis products. It manages whole populations of employees, customers and stakeholders, connecting to CRM, HR and other systems.

It contains dedicated features for recruiting and managing multiple panels or communities. Panel members can be surveyed separately or alongside other groups of people.

It enables users to design, assign, distribute, collect and analyse questionnaires and e-forms for a range of surveying purposes. The application can run multiple projects simultaneously, and so will support all the internal and external online data collection/ analysis requirements of any organisation.

These benefits provide you with major savings in time and effort.