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Vovici is the industry leader in providing companies and government agencies innovative survey tools to create, manage, analyse, and apply feedback data.

Organisations worldwide use our survey products to increase customer loyalty, facilitate collaboration, influence critical business decisions, and provide voice to online communities.

Vovici has over 25 years of combined industry experience that we leverage to make our solutions easy to learn and use, but full of the complex features needed by the most experienced researchers.

What is EFM?

A term originated by Perseus Development (now Vovici) and later adopted by Esteban Kolsky of the Gartner Group in early 2005, Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) is a class of software that enables centralised deployment and management of all feedback operations throughout an enterprise/organisations. EFM can help an organisations establish a dialogue with employees, partners, and customers regarding key issues and concerns. EFM consists of data collection, analysis and reporting.

EFM is typically supported by software or software services for collecting and managing feedback from customers or employees. There are two main types: traditional online survey software that solicits inputs to pre-defined questions, and new web two-way communication and community platform that solicits open-ended feedback and ideas from customers and have the customer community collectively rank the feedback and ideas.

Both types support advanced survey design with CRM integration and advanced reporting with statistical analysis, centralised panel management.

Survey software may provide a workflow process that provides a means for organisations to ensure consistent survey quality and enforce respondent privacy and IT security policies.

Applications of EFM vary widely from HR, IT, Marketing, Sales and continues to expand on its corporate implementation and scope. Departments within an organisation can collaborate on feedback initiatives, sharing results and gaining insights that enable the organisations to listen, learn, react and anticipate to the needs of their key stakeholders.

Enterprise Feedback Management is helping organisations obtain and rank feedback, providing a means for customers to drive product management.


Vovici survey software can accommodate a range of increasing requirements:

  • Community Team – multi-user capabilities for teams and departments
  • Community Standard – easily create online communities and panels to engage customers, employees and other constituents
  • MR – functions for the unique needs of market researchers
  • Plus the Community Builder add-on module (just released)

EFM Community

EFM Community is offered at two levels to align with your needs. EFM Community Team is designed for the multi-user requirements of teams and departments. EFM Community Standard is designed to meet the broad requirements for managing feedback across entire organisations.


EFM Community is a strategic and centralised enterprise solution that enables organisations to create and manage online communities and panels—providing voice to customers, employees, or other constituents. Organisations are able to maintain a secure knowledge base of their survey communities and online panels, share them within groups, and integrate the data into information from other business systems. With a comprehensive view of an online community organisations are able to protect the relationship with their members, gather regular, consistent feedback, and avoid survey fatigue.

EFM Community gives voice to the online community empowering organisations to easily and systematically collect, manage, and use feedback throughout the enterprise—building customer loyalty, facilitating collaboration and innovation, and influencing critical business decisions.


EFM Community provides users the ability to quickly and easily create questionnaires, post surveys, solicit responses from community members or outside groups, collect responses, analyse results, and distribute findings.

  • Easily create surveys with a word processor interface that is the most powerful and easiest to use on the market.
  • Add advanced survey design elements such as branching, skip logic, and piping.
  • Build advanced reports to drill down into data and create meaningful reports in real-time.
  • Manage and control survey frequency by maintaining a comprehensive view of survey communities. Know who has been surveyed when—maintaining a positive relationship and avoiding survey fatigue.
  • Maintain multiple profiles for each community member featuring unique demographics to target specific respondent groups.
  • Import community members from established contact lists, or link community information to your existing customer or employee databases.
  • Combine a wide range of reporting elements such as frequency analysis, correlation analysis, gap analysis, and summary of means to create insightful reports in minutes.
  • SAS70 approved survey hosting environment with 128 bit SSL encryption and redundant firewalls; 24/7 monitoring and protection, and sophisticated data backup procedures.

Product Details

EFM Community is a solution designed for organisations looking to build and manage online communities and panels, more effectively leverage existing communities, or need more advanced panel management. Providing a long-term, sustainable solution, it stays current with new trends and methodologies, while maintaining stability and reliability. Easy integration with other enterprise systems makes it an added value to initial investments.

With EFM Community, organisations gain actionable insight through community panels and community management to streamline business processes and align business goals. Incorporate regular customer insight into business operations, target company resources to increase productivity and enhance business agility, understand employee needs to improve hiring, training and management; and identify trends that drive profitability.

A comprehensive, enterprise-scale feedback solution, EFM Community can be used across the whole organisations allowing each department to manage their own projects at their own pace. User-based roles and permissions allow for easy collaboration to get relevant feedback to the right people at the right time.

Comprehesive Market Research Solution


EFM Community MR extends the power of EFM Community with features and capabilities designed to allow Market Research firms to easily work with and manage multiple accounts and large scale deployments. EFM Community MR provides Market Research firms comprehensive panel management capabilities to build, survey, and manage respondent panels

User-based controls give MR firms the ability to manage access and sharing giving their clients the ability to modify questions and survey formats, as well as generate custom reports. Vovici's solution can easily integrate with MR systems and other applications because Vovici offers the most integration points of any feedback software.

All of this functionality resides on a feedback platform that has proven scalability and efficiency in enterprise-class deployments. Vovici delivers this platform from state of the art hosting facilities that ensure maximum reliability in a secure, certified environment.


EFM Community MR’s advanced online panel management software includes features designed specifically for the Market Research firm.

  • Use hierarchical questions to assign subsequent questions based on previous response.
  • Display questions in rotated or randomised order.
  • Easily collaborate with internal and external clients to draft questionnaires and analyse results.
  • Manage users, groups, and roles from a centralised location to enable appropriate control over the survey process with customisable permissions.
  • Populate dynamic auto-dropdown choice lists from external databases.
  • Define metadata for surveys and questions that can be accessed via Web services or custom modules.
  • Use quota management to restrict the number of respondents based on responses using complex logic.
  • Auto-populate respondent information so they don’t have to answer the same questions repeatedly.

Product Details

With specialised online panel management features designed to meet the complex needs of Market Research firms, EFM Community MR delivers centralised support and feedback management across the entire organisations—opening unique opportunities to develop broad, long-term engagements with clients that deliver tremendous value to both the client and the MR firm.

User-based controls allow clients to modify formatting, revise questionnaires, and develop customer reporting and analysis. Flexible deployment options allow Market Researchers to tailor the solution to fit the specific approach required for each engagement. The respondent panel management feature of EFM Community MR provides MR firms the tools they need to create online community subsets and avoid survey fatigue.

Build and Engage your Customer Communities


Vovici Community Builder module enables organisations to quickly and easily create online communities to engage their stakeholder groups of interest—customers, employees, or partners—for greater business agility.

The Vovici Community Builder module enables organisations to:

  • Maintain a secure database of online community panels and capture deep profiles of the panellists.
  • Select, invite to join, and confirm participation of community members through an opt-in function.
  • Leverage profiles to eliminate the need to repeatedly request basic demographic and lifestyle data.
  • Ensure that panellists are qualified for surveys before they are invited to participate to make certain that their time is respected.
  • Vovici Community Builder is fast and easy. In just hours, in-house, non-technical resources can click-and-build an online community and launch recruitment campaigns. Surveys can immediately be deployed and data returned in hours for analysis. Survey authors use the industry leading capabilities of Vovici’s EFM Community product to build surveys and deploy them to the community—designating which members of the panel should be invited to participate based on the elements of their profile. Community Builder will send email invitations to the invited panellists to request they take the survey.
  • Upon confirming participation, panellists can log onto the community site and complete their profile information, take surveys to which they are invited, or see the results of the surveys they have completed. Additional networking tools such as blogs, forums, and wikis are built into the Community Builder module and can be easily deployed to encourage additional dialogue within the community.


Community Builder is an add-on module to Vovici’s EFM Community feedback solution, long considered one of the market’s leading survey tools. Community Builder leverages and extends the survey capabilities of EFM Community to provide companies a better way to gather customer insights with greater depth and enhance customer engagement with faster time to actionable data.

The Community Builder module enables companies to engage community panels in a customised community website that includes forums, suggestion boxes, knowledge bases, and more. These capabilities enable companies to:

  • Gain actionable insight into customer sentiment, satisfaction, and loyalty to shape marketing initiatives, customer support, and pricing
  • Evaluate the significance of market events and apply the insight to shape responses to those events as necessary
  • Identify trends that drive sales and product innovation
  • Deliver insights with the agility of hours instead of the days or weeks needed for historical methods.

Product Details

The Community Builder module provides a simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment to easily and quickly build an interactive online environment to access and view surveys. The Survey Builder comes complete with objects to provide collaborative tools such as forums, wikis, and suggestion boxes. Companies can employ rich media—videos, flash, images, sound—to engage customers and encourage participation.

Community Builder is fully customisable so the visuals and branding look and feel like an extension of an enterprise’s existing marketing efforts. The module contains all of the functionality to build a stand-alone community page, or function as a complementary extension of an existing community site. All of this functionality is available without the need for specialised product knowledge or specific coding skills.

Vovici Community Builder is built on enterprise-class software that is used by more than 58% of the Fortune 500, is securely hosted in a SAS-70 approved survey hosting environment with 128 bit SSL encryption and redundant firewalls; 24/7 monitoring and protection, and sophisticated data backup procedures.