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Case studies

Wooden structural components

Wooden structural components manufacturing industry

The primary objective of the research was to obtain baseline data on the knowledge in the wooden structural components manufacturing industry, of persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU’s) obligations in regards to work health & safety (WHS), workers compensation (W/Comp) and injury management (IM).

Research […]

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Workplace safety

WorkSafe Health & safety representative survey

The primary objectives of the survey were to explore:

why and to what extent workplaces had adopted HSRs.
current work health and safety consultation practices.
the level of understanding of the HSR role and the impact of HSR training.
additional ways WorkCover could support businesses to improve WHS […]

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WorkSafe Stakeholders

WorkCover Stakeholder survey

WorkCover commissioned Australian Survey Research (ASR) to conduct a survey of a range of stakeholders’ recent interactions with WorkCover. Target survey respondents were people who had interacted with WorkCover across 14 different types of interactions during the period May 2012 to March 2013.The survey was conducted in […]

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Department of Innovation Industry Science & Research

Department of Innovation Industry Science & Research (DIISR)

The Small Business Online research project (SBO) measured the effectiveness of the small business online training program, a government initiative designed to introduce or help small businesses take advantage of the digital economy, namely web technologies. This project was of government ministerial interest as it formed part of […]

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Return to work

WorkCover Return to work program, stakeholder feedback research

Australian Survey Research Group (ASR) was commissioned by WorkCover NSW to conduct research among stakeholders that were involved in the return to work pilot program in September 2012.

The participants in the research comprised:

WorkCover inspectors involved in the pilot.
WHSD managers.
WCID managers.
Small medium and large […]

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Worksafe inspectors

WorkCover High consequence, low frequency incidents business survey

WorkCover commissioned Australian Survey Research (ASR) to obtain feedback from various persons conducting a business or undertakings (PCBUs) that underwent the high consequence, low frequency (HCLF) verification process. Feedback about the HCLF program was also obtained from WorkCover Inspectors involved in the program.

The program targeted various businesses […]

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Detainee visitors

DIAC Update of detainee visitor procedures

This project was initiated as a result of the recommendations within the Palmer and Comrie reports. ASR sought feedback from detainee advocates, detainees and their visitors (mostly family and friends and others providing services such as legal and religious bodies) as well as DIAC staff and service providers […]

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Immigration affairs

DIAC Client service discovery exercise

ASR conducted a discovery exercise for the Client Information Taskforce in November 2005. The objective was to inform ASR of the context of DIAC’s clients and why and how they interact with the department and its various agents (also called third parties). This discovery phase was also […]

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Student visa holders

DIAC Service of student visa holders

The project involved seeking feedback from current student visa holders about DIAC’s current client service and possible improvements. With the assistance of DIAC Client Service staff, ASR arranged and conducted:

Interviews of education related peak bodies and providers;
Focus groups with DIAC staff involved with the student […]

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ICT user satisfaction

DIAC ICT user satisfaction

ASR conducted internal client surveys for the department as part of an ongoing contract with DIAC’s Business Solutions Group. We assessed staff satisfaction with and perception of performance of DIAC’s out-sourced information and communication technology (ICT) providers: CSC and Optus.

Every six months ASR surveyed […]

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