October 21, 2013

East Gippsland Water

In October 2012 East Gippsland Water commissioned ASR to conduct a customer satisfaction survey of its customers. The aim of the study was to measure customers’ satisfaction with and East Gippsland Water’s performance in the three key areas of water supply, waste water and information that East Gippsland Water provides […]
October 15, 2013
Queensland Rail

Queensland Rail

Project Outline A Government-owned Business (GOB) operates a state-wide rail network. In 2002 it introduced a new set of corporate values and behaviours, and made a commitment to generate an employee index of how well the organisation was demonstrating these values. The index is effectively an internal benchmark, and for […]
October 14, 2013

DIAC Update of detainee visitor procedures

Project Outline This project was initiated as a result of the recommendations within the Palmer and Comrie reports. ASR sought feedback from detainee advocates, detainees and their visitors (mostly family and friends and others providing services such as legal and religious bodies) as well as DIAC staff and service providers […]